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Meet the cozees!

By Lam Nguyen on May 17, 2022


blue bob

  • the average office worker
  • dislikes his job, but not enough to find a new one
  • functions on coffee
  • major sports fan

pinky penn

  • everyone's best friend at work
  • always bring her own lunch box
  • an actual sweetheart

purple paige

  • the freelance artist
  • looks grungy but soft inside
  • always wear at least 3 types of jewelry

red ryan

  • the tech guy
  • a geek (duh)
  • lives on memes
  • a mama's boy

green gary

  • construction worker
  • buff (duh)
  • chest bumps way too much

brown ben

  • hard working
  • probably a boss or a manager
  • wakes up at 5 to job

nudy north

  • has absolutely no clue about what's going on with life
  • is actually okay with that

Which cozy are you?

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